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Immediate Results now available! This CD is a collection of eight extemporaneous piano improvisations recorded on a venerable Mason & Hamlin upright in San Francisco. This music is a celebration of connectedness, of those moments when the world is both larger than oneself and rendered entirely immaterial.

For Immediate Results—and your listening pleasure—several of the CD's eight tracks (that number again) are streaming right now. Enjoy!

    The eight tracks of Immediate Results.
  1. Always Now 4:13 (tribute to endless possibilities)
  2. Mentioning 1:34 (reference to the Torah's unmentionable name)
  3. Below Morvah 1:47 (“Below Morvah” and “St.Just Jig” have a shared nomenclature. Both are places on the western Cornish coast where my ancestors lived. St. Just is below Morvah geographically, but it is the underground tin mines that inspired the preposition.)
  4. St. Just Jig 2:14 (Actually they're underwater, spreading five miles beyond the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The audacity of those mines earned the Cornishmen a reputation that saw them sought throughout the world. My grandfather served in Butte (whose ending "e" is undeserved.))
  5. Temporary Syntax 3:51 (Improvisation is an oscillating syntactic traverse: the creation of a language—however short-lived—simultaneously accompanied by a work written according to its rules.)
  6. H4 2:35 (“H4” doesn't exist. H (my name) is the chemical symbol for the normal version of Hydrogen, the most abundant substance in the universe (well, in the 4% of the universe made up of “normal” matter at least). H2 is deuterium, a heavier version that occurs naturally. Here the 2 isn't part of a chemical formula; it refers to the weight of the individual atom: H2 has both a proton and a neutron. H3, with two neutrons, is tritium, the active ingredient in H bombs. If H3 is explosive, then H4 is something more.)
  7. Blue Reign 6:22 (“Blue Reign” is the cheesiest of titles, a political reference to the presidency of W.)
  8. Recursive Two 2:39 (Recursion is standard programming practice, and today's computers are almost all two-step Booleans. On a richer level, the male/female dance of the universe forever plays.)
'Immediate Results' CD cover
improvisational piano

Special election year 2016 pricing: $8.00 postpaid anywhere in the U.S.A.

Immediate Results