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H pictographically represented a fence long before it became abstracted into the Semitic letter “Cheth” and, eventually, the English H.

Like a fence, the letterform H divides; there is an upper half and a lower. What numeral does the same? Here's a hint: the letter “H” is the eighth letter of the English alphabet. So another meaning of Cheth is 8, a symbol that, should it ever lie down to rest, becomes infinity.

The pictorial representation begun at fence gradually rolled on to chariot. The wheeel is often touted as man's greatest invention. The chariot is certainly amongst the wheel's first great successes. The letter “H” pictographically represents a chariot viewed head-on: two spinning verticals connected by a crossbar axle.

So, take your pick: fence, chariot, eight, infinity; these are all Cheth.

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